Van Gogh travel grant for organic chemist Chris Slootweg

14. 1. 2014 | Susan

Dr. Chris Slootweg, assistant professor in the Synthetic Chemistry research group, has been awarded the Van Gogh travel grant for a joint research project with the University of Toulouse.

The project focuses on the application of frustrated Lewis pairs as unique, ambiphilic ligands in organometallic chemistry and catalysis.

The French-Dutch Academy awards the Van Gogh travel grants twice per year to increase possibilities for scientific cooperation between these two countries. With the awarded grant of €3.330, Slootweg can facilitate the exchange of his group members and himself within the joint research project with Dr. Didier Bourissou of the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse (France).

Frustrated Lewis Pairs as new main-group ligands
The cooperation of Slootweg and Bourissou aims at the development of novel and easily accessible Frustrated Lewis Pairs (Lewis acid-base combinations) as new main-group ligands for transition metal catalysis. These ligands efficiently activate and functionalize small molecules, like H2, CH4, NH3 and CO2, which are ubiquitous reservoirs of chemical energy and appealing synthons for constructing more complex molecules. With this project, the Dutch and French researchers wish to contribute to the development of green industrial processes, thereby advancing sustainable development of society.