Ulf Hanefeld Personal Professor of Biocatalysis

10. 11. 2011 | Susan

At Tuesday, October 18, Dr. Ulf Hanefeld has been appointed as Personal Professor of Biocatalysis at the Department of Biotechnology by the Board of Professors of Delft University of Technology. Hanefeld graduated in 1993 magna cum laude at the Georg-August-Universität in Göttingen. He subsequently held several postdoctoral positions at internationally renowned universities such as Imperial College London and University of Cambridge. A KNAW-fellowship followed and in 2007 he was appointed as Associate Professor within the Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry (BOC) Section of the Department of Biotechnology.
Since his appointment Hanefeld specialised in the fields of (1) the hydroxynitrile lyase enzymes, (2) heterogeneous catalysis combined with biocatalysis, with (3) as overall theme the catalytic formation of carbon-carbon bonds. Besides his extensive research portfolio, Hanefeld is an important figurehead for education in biocatalysis, which is an important focus area of the Department of Biotechnology. As personal professor, Dr. Hanefeld will remain active within the section Biocatalysis and Organic Chemistry.