Topsector Chemie fund for Dr. Raveendran Shiju (UvA)

21. 6. 2016 | Susan

Raveendran Shiju, associate professor of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry, leads the research project into the Design of Heterogeneous Catalysts for Chemo-selective Synthesis of Cyclohexylamines (acronym: Catamine). The objective is to develop highly efficient heterogeneous (solid) catalysts that can provide cyclohexylamines from phenols/anilines with high yield at mild conditions. The project aims at designing catalysts that are active at low temperatures and thus will provide a better control on important synthesis aspects such as cis/trans ratio and chemoselectivity. This work is part of the Research Priority Area Sustainable Chemistry and will be performed in close cooperation with the company DSM.

Project background: Amines are an important class of compounds used as intermediates for pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, rubber chemicals, water treatment chemicals, and solvents. Cyclohexylamines are a relevant part of the amine family and  are generally produced by two routes, the main one being hydrogenation of anilines using cobalt or nickel catalysts. These processes are of low yields, require high pressures and high temperatures and large amounts of non-reusable catalysts.. The Catamine project will provide a more effective and sustainable alternative.

Dr. R (Raveendran Shiju)