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13. 12. 2012 | Susan

Recently, the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group published an article at Nature Materials Online, entitled “Controlling collective properties of supported metal nanoparticles: towards stable catalysts“. The article, authored by Gonzalo Prieto, Jovana Zečević, Heiner Friedrich, Krijn de Jong and Petra de Jongh, published a new method which extends the life span of nanomaterials, like catalysts. The article is published in Nature Materials Online, dated November 11, 2012. Press release (Dutch)
The group also published an article in Nature Chemistry. The article by Inge Buurmans and Bert Weckhuysen is entitled “Heterogeneities of individual catalyst particles in space and time as monitored by spectroscopy” and published in Nature Chemistry 4 (2012) 873-886.
Furthermore, the group published a VIP Communication in Angewandte Chemie International Edition, entitled “A Multispectroscopic Study of 3d-orbitals in Cobalt Carboxylates: the High Sensitivity of 2p3d Resonant X-ray Emission Spectroscopy to the Ligand Field”. The article, authored by Matti van Schoooneveld, Rob Gosselink, Tamara Eggenhuisen, Mustafa al Samarai, Claude Monney, Kejin Zhou, Thorsten Schmitt and Frank de Groot, published a new spectroscopic method to determine the coordination of a transition metal ion with unprecedented precision. The communication can now be found online and a figure representing the experiment will be featured on the Back Cover of the final issue (January 2013). A popular scientific article (in Dutch) on the paper can be found online at