Science and Technology Roadmap Catalysis presented to Top Team Chemistry

16. 1. 2015 | admin

On January 12, 2015 NIOK and VIRAN presented the “Science and Technology Roadmap for Catalysis in the Netherlands: Catalysis - Key to a Sustainable Future” was presented to the Top Team Chemistry.

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Prof. dr. Eelco Vogt (right; chairman of VIRAN member of the core team Roadmap Catalysis Roadmap Katalyse) presents the Roadmap to Gerard van Harten (left; fugurehead [boegbeeld] of the Top Team Chemistry). Photo by Harmen de Jong.

The Science and Technology Roadmap Catalysis describes the goals for Dutch catalysis for the next ten to twenty years. It has been established on the basis extensive consultation of stakeholders and people in the catalysis field. The Roadmap presents the current scientific and technological challenges and opportunities for seven specific topics in catalysis in the Netherlands. All of the proposed areas of research and the resulting products are driven by the ambition to create clean, efficient production processes that are economically viable.

“The document will serve as the input from the Catalysis society to the program council Chemical Conversion, Process Technology and Synthesis (CCPT&S), which will kick off in the next few weeks. This input will be combined with existing input from the Process Technology field. This gives the program council CCPT&S to a flying start in creating a strong Catalysis and Process Technology program for the next decade.”, says Eelco Vogt.

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