NWO grants for Utrecht University

6. 9. 2012 | Susan

NWO awarded Javier Ruiz Martinez (UU) a VENI grant for his research entitled ‘Conversion of Oxygenates into Chemicals with Brønsted- and Lewis-based Zeolites: in-situ Spectroscopy Will Reveal Who Did It’ (July 2012).

Furthermore, in June NWO awarded Bert Weckhuysen and Pieter Bruijnincx (also UU/Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group) a TASC-grant for their research entitled ‘A hybrid route for the production of aromatic acids via the catalytic tandem Diels-Alder aromatization of furans’, in cooperation with Dr. J. van Haveren and Dr. C.G. Boeriu (both WUR/Food and Biobased Research), Dr. E. de Jong (Avantium Chemicals) and Dr. A.E.W. Beers (Norit Nederland).