NIOK PhD Platform

9. 12. 2008 | Susan

Dear catalysis PhD-student,
Good news! Your participation in NIOK has been improved. This year, the NIOK PhD platform has been founded and there are several things we can (and will) do for you. We will voice your opinions directly to the NIOK board, so if you have any NIOK-related compliments, commentaries or criticisms, let us know. We also want to increase integration between NIOK graduates, both on a social and on a professional level. Within the NIOK PhD’s there are experts on everything relating to catalysis and we will help you know who that is. Lastly, we want to give you a glimpse of life after the PhD (yes, there actually is one). Our plans for doing all this will be announced in our bi-yearly newsletter, so keep an eye on your mailbox. In the mean time, if you would like to contact us about things you think we should do, you can do so at or contact one of us individually.

The NIOK PhD Platform:
(from left to right) Sergio Pacheco – Treasurer (, Davide Mores – Secretary (, Dirk Renckens – President (