Jorge Gascon receives VENI-grant from NWO

9. 11. 2009 | Susan

NWO has awarded per November 2009 the prestigious VENI grant for young promising scientists to Dr. Jorge Gascon, assistant professor in the Catalysis Engineering section TUDelft. Jorge Gascon received this grant for his research proposal entitled “NEXT CAT-HOIF: designing the next generation of solid catalysts“. He proposes to develop a new generation of solid super-acid and super-basic catalysts based on metal-organic frameworks. These are crystalline nano-structured hybrid materials with highly tunable chemical as well as porosity properties.
Solid catalysis is crucial for the development of Green Chemistry. This project will contribute to developing new selective routes that will allow the use of biomass as suitable raw material for the production of chemicals.

Recent successful publications of Jorge in the area of MOFs comprise:

  • Jana Juan-Alcañiz, Enrique V Ramos-Fernandez, Ugo Lafont, Jorge Gascon, Freek Kapteijn
    Building MOF bottles around PhosphoTungstic Acid ships: One-pot synthesis of bi-functional PolyOxoMetalate-MIL-101 catalysts
    J.Catal. 2009, accepted.
  • J. Gascon, U. Aktay, G.P.M. van Klink and F. Kapteijn
    Amino-based Metal Organic Frameworks as stable, highly active basic catalysts
    J.Catal. 2009, 261, 75-87.
  • S. Couck, J.F.M. Denayer, G.V. Baron, T. Remy, J. Gascon and F. Kapteijn
    An amine-functionalized MIL-53 metal-organic framework with large separation power for CO2 and CH4
    J.Am.Chem.Soc 2009, 131, 6326-6327.
  • E. García-Pérez, J. Gascon, V. Morales-Flórez, J.M. Castillo, F. Kapteijn and S. Calero
    Identification of adsorption sites in Cu-BTC by experimentation and molecular simulation
    Langmuir 2009, 25, 1725-1731.
  • J. Gascon, M.D. Hernandez-Alonso, A.R. Almeida, G.P.M. van Klink, F. Kapteijn and G. Mul
    Isoreticular MOFs as efficient photocatalysts with tunable bandgap: an Operando FTIR study of the photo-induced oxidation of propylene
    ChemSusChem Communications 2008, 1, 981-983.
  • J. Gascon, S. Aguado and F. Kapteijn
    Manufacture of dense coatings of Cu3(BTC)3(HKUST-1) on a-alumina
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 2008, 113, 132-138.