Guido Mul appointed Professor at University Twente

8. 1. 2010 | Susan

Guido Mul has left Delft University of Technology to head the new group PhotoCatalytic Synthesis (PCS) at the University of Twente per November 2009. The chair is part of the IMPACT Institute (Institute of Mechanics, Processes, and Control Twente).
Research activities are aimed at the development of innovative materials and concepts to run photocatalytic reactions with high efficiency. The focus of the research program is on the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy, i.e. to drive thermodynamically uphill reactions such as the synthesis of fuel by CO2 activation. Furthermore, the high selectivities that can be obtained in alkane activation over photon excited catalysts, as well as photocatalytic purification of waste streams, are of interested. More information can be found at the web-sites of IMPACT ( and of the PCS group (