General Info: Advanced Catalysis Engineering

26. 2. 2010 | Susan

Advanced Catalysis Engineering, NIOK Course

organised by Catalysis Engineering, ChemE-TUDelft i.c.w. TUDelft Institute for Process Technology.The course is scheduled from 30 November - 4 December 2015 (theory) and 11 December 2015 (case study presentations).

It is the mission of NIOK, the institute for research and education in catalysis to bring together specialists from various backgrounds in special courses. In NIOK’s Special Course ‘Advanced Catalysis Engineering’ an integral approach of catalysis and engineering is presented with the goal to provide the essential tools for new process concepts and future catalytic technologies.

Topics include structured catalysts and reactors, catalyst selection, kinetics and stability/deactivation, novel reactor types, and modeling, process intensification, reactor selection strategies, and recently developed industrial cases.

The course comprises two weeks:
- The first week will be completely devoted to lecturing (including some evenings).
- The second week participants may work on a challenging case at home to renew or invent an industrial catalytic process, and present their results after that week.

The teachers are internationally reputed specialists in catalysis and engineering, with an extensive industrial and academic background.

Because of the character of this course, the number of participants will be limited. This is, however, beneficial for the contact between teachers and participants.

Who should attend?
The Special Course is aimed at those active in the application of catalysis: the interface where catalysis and engineering meet. Researchers, scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and other organizations will be provided with the state of the art knowledge and experience in this area.

Basic knowledge on reactor theory and (heterogeneous) catalysis is required (The engineering and kinetics topics of NIOK’s course ‘Integrated approach…’ should be reviewed).

More information will follow soon.

Please click here to download the circular with the final course program.
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