Feringa appointed Academy Professor

2. 5. 2008 | admin

Prof. Ben Feringa has been appointed as Academy Professor. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) announced this Tuesday April 22. KNAW Academy Professors are given the opportunity to concentrate on whatever they want in the field of innovative teaching and research for a period of five years, without the administrative responsibilities that usually form part of their jobs. The KNAW finances the salary of the Academy Professor and a research budget, together EUR 200,000 per professor. The university in question must appoint a promising young research leader to replace the Academy Professor. The research leader is thus given the chance to start up a personal research line. Thus the Academy Professors Programme contributes in two ways to the innovation of research.

Source: rug.nl, read more at : http://www.rug.nl/Corporate/nieuws/kortNieuws/Feringaknawhgl