Dr. Timothy Noël wins the Thieme Chemistry Award 2015

17. 12. 2015 | Susan

Dr. Timothy Noël (TU/e ST) has been awarded the 2015 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award. The award is to recognize promising young professorsat the beginning of their career and is made by the editorial boards of the journals Synlett, Synthesis, and Synfacts.

Noël works on organic chemistry in microreactors, especially photocatalysis and C-H activation.

Despite their synthetic utility on lab-scale, photochemical transformations are not common in the industry due to the problem associated with their scale-up. Microreactor technology offers a viable route to reliably perform these reactions both on lab and preparative scales. Moreover, in the last decade, photocatalysis emerged as a novel field in organic chemistry exploiting visible light to promote novel chemical transformations.

The Noël group works towards a sustainable and sunlight powered chemistry by developing novel green photocatalytic reactions in microreactors. It also strive to make a more effective use of the possibilities offered by continuous-flow reactors like heterogeneous reaction mixture and safe handling of toxic/dangerous reactants.