Dr. N.R. Shiju appointed assistant professor UvA/HIMS

17. 9. 2009 | Susan

Dr. N.R. Shiju has been appointed on September 1, 2009 as an Assistant Professor (UD) in the Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry group of Professor Gadi Rothenberg at the Van ‘t Hoff Institute of Molecular Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, leading a team of two postdocs. Shiju obtained his PhD in Heterogeneous Catalysis at the National Chemical Laboratory in Pune, India. He then worked as a researcher at the Royal Institution in London, at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, and at the University of Huddersfield. An expert in materials science and chemical engineering, Shiju now focuses on the synthesis and application of new Fischer-Tropsch catalysts, part of a collaboration between the Rothenberg group and Total Gaz & Power. He also participates in the groups’ new ACTS-ASPECT project on propane oxidative dehydrogenation.

Selected recent publications:

  • The Role of Surface Basal Planes of Layered Mixed Oxides in Selective Transformation of Lower Alkanes: Propane Ammoxidation over Surface ab Planes of Mo-V-Te-Nb-O M1 Phase. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2008, 130, 5850.
  • Oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene over vanadia-alumina catalysts in the presence of nitrous oxide: structure-activity relationship. J. Catal. 2005, 230, 484.
  • Toward environmentally benign oxidations: bulk mixed Mo-V-(Te-Nb)-O M1 phase catalysts for the selective ammoxidation of propane. ChemSusChem, 2008, 1, 519.