Dr. C. Martin Lok awarded the 2014 Murray Raney Award

22. 11. 2013 | Susan

Dr. C. Martin Lok has been awarded the 2014 Murray Raney Award for significant contributions to chemistry and the chemical industry using base metal catalyst technology applied to organic reactions. Dr Lok’s pioneering work in the preparation of base metal catalysts using sequential precipitation methods resulted in a range of catalysts with high productivity and high selectivity that have been patented and commercialized by several catalyst companies. Dr. Lok also worked to develop highly dispersed nickel catalysts on alumina and titania supports through deposition at high pH. The exceptionally high dispersion of these Ni catalysts have been studied extensively across a range of reactions, most notably with David Jackson of Glasgow University, to suggest a new mechanism for the hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to replace the accepted Haber mechanism. Dr. Lok has contributed to more than 65 papers and 30 patents, and is currently the Principal Scientist with Avantium Technologies in Amsterdam, NL.