Célia Fonseca Guerra appointed Extraordinary Professor of Applied Theoretical Chemistry

22. 2. 2017 | Susan

Since February 1, 2017, Célia Fonseca Guerra is appointed as extraordinary professor at the LIC with a chair in applied theoretical chemistry. She will be a member of the Theoretical Chemistry group. Her research interests are related to bioinorganic chemistry and catalysis and her appointment at the LIC will strengthen the collaboration with the MCBIM group.

Célia Fonseca Guerra graduated cum laude in chemistry at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 1993, with specializations in theoretical chemistry, chemical informatics and quantum mechanics (Physics). Subsequently, she performed her PhD research in the group of professors E.J. Baerends and J.G. Snijders on the development and implementation of parallel and order-N DFT methods.

During her postdoc, the focus of her research became computational biochemistry and the development and implementation of methods for analyzing electronic structure and chemical bonding. She has been a visiting scientist at the Cornell Theory Center (USA), the computational chemistry group of Girona University (Spain) and held an european visiting professorship at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland).

In 2012, she was appointed assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit and in that same year, she was awarded the Dutch NWO Aspasia prize for excellent female researchers. Her research lines span from molecular recognition to supramolecular chemistry.

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