A Modular Flow Design for the meta-Selective C−H Arylation of Anilines

12. 6. 2017 | Susan

Described herein is an effective and practical modular flow design for the meta-selective C-H arylation of anilines. Read more »

PhD thesis Bhaskar Patil in EU project MAPSYN (Volker Hessel, TU Eindhoven)

9. 6. 2017 | Susan

Scientists bring the prospect of farmers producing their own fertilizer from only air closer with a revolutionary reactor that coverts nitrogen from the atmosphere into NOx, Read more »

Dr. Marc-Etienne Moret awarded (ERC) Starting Grant

7. 4. 2017 | Susan

Dr. Marc-Etienne Moret (Utrecht University) was awarded an European Research Council Read more »

News from University of Amsterdam

5. 4. 2017 | Susan

News from University of Amsterdam Read more »

NCCC-XVIII: Poster and Lecture Awards

4. 4. 2017 | Susan

Once again the Netherlands’ Catalysis and Chemistry Conference (NCCC-XVIII) was a great success, and has been visited by over 500 participants from The Netherlands and abroad having a background in academia and/or industry. Read more »

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