Professor Volker Hessel (TU/e) to University of Adelaide

27. 3. 2018 | Susan

As from April 2018 Professor Volker Hessel has been appointed Deputy Dean Research and Professor Pharmaceutical Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Ruim 1 miljoen voor vier innovatieve projecten in de C1-chemie

25. 1. 2016 | Susan

NWO Chemische Wetenschappen heeft uit het Innovatiefonds Chemie en binnen de programmatische Technology Area (TA) Catalytic C1 Chemistry (CatC1Chem) vier projecten Read more »

TOP grant for Professor Bas de Bruin (UvA)

15. 1. 2016 | Susan

Professor Bas de Bruin (University of Amsterdam) received a TOP grant for his research project entitled “Hypovalency in Catalysis; Towards Sustainable C-H Bond Functionalization & Carbene Polymerisation”. Read more »

VU - Publication Angewandte Chemie

18. 12. 2015 | Susan

Angewandte Chemie 2015, doi: 10.1002/anie.201508916: Stabilization and Transfer of the Transient [Mes*P4]− Butterfly Anion Using BPh3 - Jaap E. Borger, Dr. Andreas W. Ehlers, Dr. Martin Lutz, Dr. Chris Slootweg, Prof.dr. Koop Lammertsma

Read more »

Grant for Professor Moniek Tromp (UvA)

18. 12. 2015 | Susan

Within the first call for proposals by NICAS, Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science, Professor Moniek Tromp has received a grant for her seed money proposal “Metal objects, paintings and photos“.  Read more »

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