16-21 September, 2018: XXII International Conference on Organic Synthesis (22-ICOS)

2. 2. 2018 | Susan

XXII International Conference on Organic Synthesis (22-ICOS)
16-21 September 2018, Firenze, Italy

Deadline for early registration and abstract submission: February 28, 2018

The upcoming international event XXII International Conference on Organic Synthesis (22-ICOS), under the auspices of IUPAC and Italian Chemical Society, will bring together leading scientists of the world to share their interests in the wide and inspiring field of Organic Synthesis.

29 Plenary and invited prestigious speakers, including 2016 Nobel Laureate Ben Feringa, have confirmed their presence in Firenze in 2018. Thieme-IUPAC Prize for 2018 will be also presented on the occasion of the Conference.

To download the flyer, please click here.

More than 60 oral communications and up to 450 poster presentations will allow young researchers to present their chemistry and to discuss with the leading scientist attending the Conference.

The abstract submitting procedure and conference registration are already active and we suggest registering soon to ensure the possibility of a scientific communication.

An early selection of the accommodation is also recommended as Firenze is a very busy touristic city, especially in September.

We look forward to meeting you in Florence!

Prof. Alberto Brandi, Chairman, University of Florence
Prof. Maurizio Taddei, co-chairman, University of Siena

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at: secretariat@22-icos-florence.it
Please feel free to circulate this announcement to colleagues who may be interested in this conference.

29 January, 2018: Plasma Catalysis Workshop

15. 1. 2018 | Susan

Plasma Catalysis Workshop - Invitation

Date - Monday January 29, 2018
Venue -  University of Twente, Enschede NL
Location - Building Zuid Horst, Room ZH286

You are kindly invited to join a workshop on plasma catalysis on January 29th. This workshop is organized by an informal network comprising the groups of Annemie Bogaerts and Vera Meynen (University of Antwerp), Volker Hessel (TU Eindhoven), several colleagues at DIFFER and the CPM group of Leon Lefferts at U Twente. The goal of the workshop is to discuss progress on the question how synergy can be obtained by combining conversion technology based on plasma and catalysis. Please click here for the program.

3 November, 2017: ICAT-TUE symposium on “Catalysis for a Sustainable Society”

19. 9. 2017 | Susan

ICAT-TUE symposium on “Catalysis for a Sustainable Society”
When: 3 November 2017
Where: De Zwarte Doos of Eindhoven University of Technology

For more information, please click here.
Download the announcement here

17 November, 2017: NIOK-NWO Open Symposium on Catalytic C1 Chemistry

17. 9. 2017 | Susan

NIOK-NWO open symposium on Catalytic C1 Chemistry
When: Friday 17 November 2017
Where: Eindhoven University of Technology, Ceres building

NIOK and NWO organize an open symposium on Catalytic C1 Chemistry on Friday 17 November. Topic of the symposium is the development of novel catalytic processes for the conversion of methane (natural gas), synthesis gas and methanol to chemicals and fuels.

Invited speakers: Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt (Karlsruher Institut für Technologie), Annemie Bogaerts (University of Antwerp) and Xander Nijhuis (SABIC).

In addition, there will be lectures from the public-private Catalytic C1 Chemistry programme in which academic groups have joined forces with BASF, SABIC and Sasol.

Register here before 6th November.
Download the programme here.
For questions please contact: catc1chem@nwo.nl (Nadine Mascini, tel: 070 349 47 12)

18-23 November, 2018: CAIA course, registration is OPEN

12. 5. 2017 | Susan

If you would like to register for the CAIA course in 2018, please click here.

Preliminary registration is open until June 25, 2018. Accepted participants will then be notified a.s.a.p. thereafter. Official registration is upon invitation only. Please bear in mind your participation fee will needs to be received before October 15, 2018.

Download the flyer here.

The number of participants is limited to 55.

Registrations are, in principle, accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Candidates on our waitinglist from our previous course are considered first. However, the organizing committee reserves the right to accept candidates based on a fair distribution amongst the member groups.

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