Call for full proposals TASC Technology Area Biomass

2. 2. 2012 | Susan

Currently, many efforts are directed at converting biomass into sustainable fuels, chemicals and energy. Despite notable advances in the field, many challenges still have to be addressed. Although biorefineries are increasingly becoming reality, full valorization of the renewable feed to a palette of products is not yet within reach. Similar to current oil refinery operations, highly integrated biorefineries fully optimized for energy efficiency and resource utilization have to be developed. (Bio) catalyst development, feedstock and process characterization and biomass recovery and fractionation have been identified as major technological barriers for the realization of the full potential of the biorefinery.

The TA-Biomass is structured around five themes: 1) Hard-to-convert feedstocks, 2) N-compounds, 3) Furan chemistry, 4) Chiral molecules and 5) Terpenes.

These topics will be studied with five defined integrative approaches:
• Chemocatalysis & Biocatalysis;
      o Non-Noble Metals
      o Novel Enzymes
• Analytical science in relation to cat. biomass conversion (in collaboration with TA-COAST);
• Recovery and fractionation;
• Non-classic catalytic technologies.

The deadline for pre-proposals was 12 January 2012. Submitting a pre-proposal is not compulsory. The deadline for submitting full proposals is 12 April 2012. For more information, visit the NWO website.